The vision

We never wanted bitspiration to be a regular conference. We tried to select those elements which make a meeting extraordinary.

We think it’s about the people you have a chance to meet at the event, the atmosphere formed by the organizers, the availability and openness of speakers who are the features that distinguish people associated with the new technologies.

We want to inspire you to take an action by letting you think, work and project the future of new technologies together. Let’s find the answer to the question: how the industry affects our every-day lives and what the next big step will be?

After the conference we want you to know why, how and where to start your company. We want to discuss all the aspects that are essential: how to build Internet marketing strategy, how to find funding and where to invest your money, how to use online payments or implement e-commerce.

This year we are going even further by joining forces with local community! Read more about bitspiration side events here.


Previous edition

The first edition of bitspiration took place in June 2012, in Krakow. The conference was a great success and gathered such personalities as Jawed Karim (co-founder of YouTube), Don Dodge (co-counder of Altavista, Napster, currently Developer Advocate at Google), Dan and Paul Bragiel (i/o Ventures), Bridgette Sexton (Global Entrepreneurship Manager at Google ) and many more. Visit our 2012 bitspiration site to see more.

Why Poland?

Last year was a busy year for European startup and technology stage. We observed countless initiatives that connected lots of different ecosystems. Observations and research showed that Poland and Eastern Europe are a perfect place for IT outsourcing. Well-educated IT professionals having extensive knowledge on the use of modern technology are excellent complement to developed markets like U.S., Germany, GB, in which number of business ideas exceed available human resources. Don’t forget about the money – it is important and everybody knows that IT services in Eastern Europe and Poland are less expensive – that creates the opportunity for young US and Western Europe entrepreneurs to cooperate with trusted partners from our region. We want them to come, meet and start doing business together.



Advisory board

Advisory Board is formed by people, who help us making crucial decisions on the festival shape and format - they help us in choosing lectures, inviting guests and partners.

Global advisory board