So, we are aware of the fact that once again someone is telling you that their event is the best for you and your startups. But... bitspiration really is! You don’t believe? Let us prove it!


First of all, you can help startups that you work with. How? Pick the one you think is the best and has the best chance to win startup contest that we organize alongside bitspiration and make it jump straight to the second stage! Why? Because we trust you and we believe that whoever you choose, you know what you’re doing. But that’s not all! When you pick the best startup we will invite them to attend the whole bitspiration (pre-conference day and two main days of the conference) for free! This way we want them to feel special but also we are aware of the fact that if you want to be there, you will have to pay for yourself, so we’re just being nice.

And remember to hurry up! Only first 30 accelerators can take advantage of our courtesy!


You’re not convinced? Well, there is more. This startup contest that we told you about is open to everyone who is willing to take the challenge. AND we will have a Startup Alley, where every startup that signs in to the conference will have their stand! This means that we will have plenty of startups that you may not know about and you might want to start working with!


Yeah, we know. We are genius.


Want to know more about pre-conference day? Click here.