Become the jury member of Demo Day contest!




We’ve just started raising the money at to fund a prize in startup Demo Day contest. We think this is a very good idea for the main award in bitspiration festival. The best startup team has a chance not only to show their fantastic ideas and to gain the fame but also to win the main prize which is the money that can help them to develop their creative business.

We believe that supporting young entrepreneurs is always worth the effort. We love to help them to grow their ideas, develop their product and become globally successful. Now everyone can support startup community! It’s easy! Just donate any money and get a chance to become the jury member of the Demo Day contest. This is not a joke - everyone who clicks the “contribute” button on our crowdfunding campaign at and donates any money can vote for any startup team during the real time of semi-finals of the Demo Day contest!

Don’t waste your time! Visit our campaign and fulfill young entrepreneurs’ dreams!

There is also another way to support our idea beside the financial one. We will be grateful for every kind of help - not only the financial one! Spread the word about what we're doing here, share links, send e-mails - we will appreciate every kind of help!