CEO and Founder of

alex big


With a Computer Science background and an MBA (yeah we hate him too), he’s been working in different fields, from Computer Security to Artificial Intelligence, GIS or webapps. For some years, he’s been one of the most active entrepreneurs in the Spanish community and his aim is to create a solid and healthy entrepreneurial European community that can rival with Silicon Valley (although most of his friends are from there too).

He’s currently CEO and Founder of, a site that wants to bring startups to the right bloggers, founder at, co-founder and curator of Tetuan Valley, an international startup incubator based in Madrid, startup mentor at Gamma Rebels, Startupbootcamp Europe, Springboard or Ideas Inc (Singapore), partner at Okuri Ventures, Sandbox network Madrid Ambassador and Startup Digest Madrid curator.


Time of presentation: Monday, June 24th, 2013 18:30 - 19:15


Topic of Presentation: The Buddhist startup: how to work less while doing more

Last year we worked with the AikiStartup, this year we'll extend the concept and explore how to live a better life. We'll learn how to balance work, get more done, earn more and spend less time. All while having time to have fun and enjoy life. Sounds impossible? We'll explore these concepts with live meditation practice and maybe... some Aikido too.