Our little dictionary for starters:


- ‘bitspiration pre-conference day’ is a day before the two main days of lectures and discussion panels. It will be held on June 23rd, 2013. On that day there are going to take place following events (organized by bitsrpiation): Startup Alley, Software Alley, Demo Day (stage 2) and Workshop Sessions.


- ‘bitspiration’ treated as a conference refers to two main days of lectures and discussion panels - date: 24th - 25th June, 2013.


- ‘bitspiration festival’ - sum of all the events happening on the dates around bitspiration: pre-conference day, two days of lectures and other side events (organized by fellow Krakow community members).




Ok, let’s move to the questions.


I’m a startup and I want to apply to Demo Day contest. How many people can I bring if I qualify to the second stage?.

Two (including you - if you want to attend, of course). Rules and regulations available here 

What’s the prize in Demo Day contest?

It depends on bitspiration partners. We will make it possible to donate money to the prize and that will be it.

I pay my fee during the registration process. Does my fee include cost of accommodation?

No. What we provide is bulleted on registration page.

If I buy a ticket to bitspiration, is it free for me to attend pre-conference day and other side events?

Yes and no. Pre-conference (Software Alley, Startup Alley, Demo Day presentations) is organized by bitspiration and yes, it’s free to attend. Other side events are organized by different organizers and the fees depend on them. You should carefully read the side events page for more details and pay attention what you are paying for during registration - you have it all written there. Notice that different kinds of registrations have different rights and permissions.

What is a ‘simple stand’ on Startup Alley and Software Alley?

You get a round table (1m wide, 75cm high) with a black tablecloth, electricity access and Internet connection. We don’t provide signs, banners, etc. The size of the whole stand depends on the amount of startups confirming their participation but the space strongly limits our capabilities - laptop demos and small promotional materials instead of big promotional walls are strongly recommended.

Can I buy an entrance to Startup Alley or Software Alley alone, without paying for bitspiration registration?

No, you can’t. Pre-conference day with all attractions is designed only for bitspiration attendees that pay the fee.

I’m a startup. What if I buy a ticket and then I qualify to present on Demo Day? Will you refund my money?

Yes, we will refund it.

So I bought bitspiration ticket and it turns out I can’t attend. Can I have it renamed to other person?

Yes but no later than 14 days before bitspiration.