What is Demo Day Contest?


Well.. there can’t be Internet-related event without a proper startup contest! At least this is what we think. This is why we invited all the startups looking for fame and glory (alongside with experience and prizes) to take a challenge and take part in Demo Day!


What did we do here?


We got an unusual idea. What if we tried to raise the money for the main prize in the contest and in return shared the power of deciding who should win? We asked a few people and... they loved the idea!


How much did we raise?


We managed to gather... 2 260 USD! Aren't we awesome?


Why did we do this?


Because we believe helping young entrepreneurs is always worth the effort. We raised the money to help them grow, develop their product and become successful globally!


What contributors got?


Once someone contributed money, they got a chance to feel like a jury member – they were virtually judging Demo Day teams in the real-time when semi-finals of the contest were taking place! Amount of points that contributor was in charge of depended on the money they decided to give us. See our perks to know what else we had to offer!


So – as you can see we did something really cool and meaningful here. If you want to know more – visit our campaign website!



The movie above is a video created by community to spread the word about Krakow and the great things happening here. With this movie we want others to know that Krakow is truly awesome city that has a lot to offer - and we're not talking about nightlife (that is awesome too) - we're talking about business! Come and see for yourself that there's a looooot going on here. :)