Let us just tell you that we are so glad you want to come! Without you (and your money) we won’t be able to make the startup and Internet community grow bigger and bigger. But we won’t let you leave bitspiration empty-handed. Here’s what we got for you:


When you register to bitspiration you get access to the core - 2 days of lectures and pre-conference day. What is pre-conference day?


01: Startup Alley

Your dream coming true! All the startups in one place trying to show you what they got! More on that here.


02: Demo Day

A startup contest prepared especially for you to come and see for yourself that young people still have heads full of ideas! See that to read more!


03: Software Alley

Where you surely will find talented developers to start working with! More info here.


04: Workshop sessions

Well, you don’t need them - we know that, but young entrepreneurs do. So this information is only to let you know that we are awesome enough to organize something like that for them.


Want more?

Don’t forget that other investors will be there. This really would be a shame if next Facebook was born on bitspiration and you wouldn’t be there to be the first to know about it. Seriously, just think about it - that would be a disaster!


If you’re still not convinced, you should check our speakers who will be there to share opinions! You know you want to meet them! And hey, if you want to support a good cause you should definitely consider becoming a bitspiration partner! Click here for more info.