Startup Alley

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23rd june 2013


Museum of Urban Engineering



Who should attend:

Startups, Software houses, Investors, Accelerators, Specialists, Media

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We all know that without startups and these young, excited people world wouldn’t be the same. Everyone has to start with something and what we think is that we should do our best to help them. Said that, bitspiration pre-conference day will be a perfect place for every startup to show their project to the world. How? The answer is: Startup Alley!

Startup Alley is a space for every startup team that registers to the conference (we have different options for startups - check them out here). What a team gets is a little space and a table. What they do with it - it’s up to them! We say: be creative and try to draw people’s attention.

You are a startup and want to know more about your options? Click here.