Bitspiration festival - new format!


This year bitspiration adopts a completely new format. We want to take a wider look at Internet industry and focus on creating a platform, where everyone finds what they need. No matter if you are a startup, a software house, an investor, accelerator or business specialist - we invite you to come, share your ideas but at the same time we guarantee you won’t leave bitspiration without new perspectives on what you are doing and what you are looking for.

How do we plan to achieve that?

We’ve got 2 simple answers:



We want to expand the core of bitspiration by creating a pre-conference day which we will fill up with:

  • Startup Alley

    whats that?

  • Software Alley

    whats that?

  • Demo Day

    whats that?

  • Workshop sessions

    whats that?


This is a space for all the startups that sign in to the conference. What you get is a simple stand, where you can present your project in front of investors, software houses, accelerator and specialists looking for the best startup ideas.

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This is a space for all the software houses that sign in to the conference. What you get is a simple stand, where you can present your work in front of potential clients, startups and businesses’ representatives looking for the best IT-outsourcing companies to work with.

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This is a contest for all the startups that complete an on-line form available here, that want to take part in the contest and win attention (and prizes) during Demo Day happening on pre-conference day. After we gain all the ideas we will let truly international jury to judge you and pick the best ones to present during Demo Day. But... there is a shorter way to get there - if the accelerator that you’re working with considersyou are you the best, you are invited to jump straight to the Demo Day presentations!

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This is a space for startups and young software houses that still have a lot to learn. Here you’ll find specialists that not only will answer all your questions but will prepare special sessions for you as well. You will learn about all the stages of startup and young companies development - beginning with finding an investor, ending with how to manage every-day company operations. This way you can pick what suits you best and focus on what you really need to learn.

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We want to join forces with other creative members of Polish Internet community that want to co-create bitspiration and invite them to co-organize other creative events before and after the core part of bitspiration.


What do we mean by saying ‘creative events’?

Well... we mean creative events :) If you want to organize a workshop on how to write poems or how to knit or how to design a website - simply if you can do something creative and want to share your skills - you are more than welcome to join us. Simply let us know about your event and we will publish info about it here. AND we won’t forget about you while spamming our attendees! :)


Hope we satisfied your curiosity on how to make bitspiration truly AWESOME festival. By now you should feel inspired enough to start preparing your own how-to-knit-the-best-sweater-ever-event that you should definitely let us know about!


As far as the proper schedule is concerned, we will publish it as soon as we know it.