Founder/CEO of flikdate

nick big


Nick is a uniquely gifted individual with the rare capability to mix and direct leftbrain and right-brain talents to achieve his determined goals. He is equally at home windsurfing a crushing north swell, behind the controls of a helicopter, convincing a board about strategic changes of direction, field-stripping a SIG 552 Commando blind-folded or inventing new paradigms in mobile phone user interface design.

Born and raised in Croatia, Nick graduated with an MA in Chemistry from Cambridge University before moving on to focus his true passion at the bleeding edge of modern communications technology. He quickly rose in the ranks of the tech world as a founder and CEO of multiple progressive start-ups.

Notably excelling at solving complex problems with technology, creativity and diplomacy, Nick made a swift path to become the versatile entrepreneur he is today while still leaving time for endeavors in other media – including directing an award winning documentary about mercenaries and testifying in front of the US Senate. Nick’s last venture, the cross-platform location sharing service echoecho was funded by Silicon Valley luminaries including Google Ventures, BullPen Capital and Don Dodge.

He is currently the founder and CEO of flikdate, the world's first real-time video mobile dating app. He's also one of the founders of Hawaii first dedicated early stage Venture Capital Fund.

In addition to his technical skills Nick has won numerous awards in filmmaking – including 4 LEO awards for a documentary about Private Military Companies entitled “Shadow Company”.

In 2010 Nick was named one of the 50 Visionaries for the future by the scientific expedition clothing manufacturer “Canada Goose”. He has frequently appeared on ABC, CBS, NBC and has testified for the US Senate as an expert witness in the use of mercenaries in warfare.