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Paul Papadimitriou is an industry analyst and advisor. He focuses on how innovation through social and mobile technologies is changing consumers.

Fascinated by how cultures drive behaviors, he has lived in Japan, the Philippines, Switzerland, Cyprus and will soon move to the United Kingdom. He continuously travels from Asia to South America in order to better understand the current evolution of the digital era, Japan remaining a focal point for its mobile and virtual goods phenomenons.

Paul also advises startups —the most recent one being a disruptive luxury hotel booking one in NYC— and accelerators programs. He believes that entrepreneurs are the only ones bold enough to reinvent the rules.

Paul blogs about digital intelligence at, about the japanese mobile industry at and about Japan technologies at He also runs the Tokyo 2.0 events in Japan.

He frequently speaks at conferences around the world, including LeWeb, SXSW, IMMAP Summit, Social Media World Forum or the New Context Conference. He’s a proud member of the Geeks On a Plane family.