So you are a software house. That’s great! Bitspiration is a place, where you’ll surely establish new contacts with potential clients and partners! Why?


For all the software houses looking for a space to show off a little bit and let others know what on and with who they are working, we created a space that we like to call a Software Alley. But that’s just a beginning! If you register to the bitspiration and pay your fee, you get the access to the core of the conference - two full days of amazing lectures and to pre-conference day, where:



  • you get a simple stand in Software Alley (mentioned earlier) which is a place for you to look for potential clients and partners among fellow attendees: companies’ representatives, business people, startup teams, investors, etc. For more information, click here.
  • you get an access to Startup Alley, which is a place for startups to present their projects. You should make a visit there! Lots of developing startups is looking for a good, experienced team of developers that we bet that you already have - isn’t it the perfect match?
  • you get an access to Workshop Sessions which is a place where young companies and startups can learn how to take care of every-day challenges that every young entrepreneur faces all the time. Thinking - “well, I have it past me, I’m too experienced for that”’? Try us and see for yourself whether in fact the world-renowned specialists cannot teach you anything anymore! You may be suprised ;) More information here.
  • you get to watch Demo Day which is the 2nd stage of startup contest organized alongside bitspiration. You could come and see but you don’t have to. Although, what we think is that it’s always good to be the first to know the news from the industry! What if the next Instagram is born there? :)



Now take a while and think about it. We tried to create a space for you that you can really take advantage of and leave bitspiration with the hands full of new business cards. Don’t miss your chance!