We were waiting for you! Without your knowledge and experience all these young entrepreneurs will just walk around not knowing what to do with their lives. You are the inspiration, you are the mentor! So thanks for thinking about us and considering coming to bitspiration.


Look what we’ve prepared for you:


First of all EVERYONE will be there (at least we hope so), so it would be a shame not to come and spend some valuable time with fellow specialists!


We would also be so much grateful if you could come to pre-conference day and share your knowledge with all these hopeful young entrepreneurs in Startup Alley who will do absolutely anything just to talk to you for a little while to ask you questions and look for your advice.


You will be a priceless source of personal opinion for every investor or software house that will be thinking about taking their chances and trying to establish new business partnerships. Last but not least, the media will be there! We invite you all to talk to the guy with the camera so we can use your opinion on why bitspiration is so brilliant later on. :)


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