First of all - it’s great that you consider taking part in bitspiration. It’s definitely a perfect place for you to spread your wings and dive into the community.


There are several ways for you to take part in bitspiration:


01: Simple sign up


Register here, pay your fee, get access to the core of the conference (2 main days of lectures) and get access to a pre-conference day, where:

  • you get a simple stand in Startup Alley which is a space, where you can present your project to other attendees - investors, software houses, accelerators and specialists looking for the best startup ideas. This space is made for you to take advantage of it and gather as many contacts as you can, make people interested in your project and who knows, maybe even find an investor right away?
  • you get an access to Software Alley which is a space for software houses to present their work for potential clients and partners. If you are a startup and you are lacking developers, you should definitely consider working with these guys!
  • you get an access to Workshop Sessions which are a place for you to be! No matter what level of startup development your team is on, you will find something new to learn. We are planning to deliver different kinds of workshops that will aim in the needs of different startups on different stages of development process. Seriously, you can’t miss that!
  • you get a chance to watch startups on Demo Day which is treated as the 2nd stage of startup contest. If you want to take part in this contest, read the description of “Take the challenge!” below.


02: Take the challenge!


Sign up to the contest here, show us what you’re made of and do your best to qualify to Demo Day that will take place on pre-conference day. If you qualify, you get a free entrance to pre-conference day (with everything this day has to offer) and to the core of bitsrpiation - 2 days of lectures. But remember! If you don't register to bitspiration and you won't qualify to the next stage of the contest, you won't be allowed to attend bitspiration! Our answer? Buy your ticket anyway and if you do qualify, we will refund it! Details here.


03: Use your accelerator


Do what you can to make your accelerator think that you are the best startup team ever and encourage them to work with us - if they pick you, you get all the things from “Simple Sign Up” PLUS you are automatically qualified to the Demo Day presentations!

And remember to hurry up! Only first 30 accelerators can take advantage of our courtesy! More info about Demo Day here.



Now we bet you don’t understand a thing of what you’ve just read so take a minute to think about it and then you will have to agree that we prepared really cool options for you!


PS. If taking a minute and thinking about it does not help, don’t hesitate to contact us This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. - maybe talking about it will put these things in order for you :)