We all know that the basis of every cooperation is communication. And what is a condition for all good business relationships? Cooperation! This is why, at bitspiration we decided to inspire you not only by the presence of our guests and speakers but also by the surroundings of where it all is going to happen.


Wondering what place is the best to stimulate your creativity by looking past to the history? A museum! But not ordinary museum.


Second edition of bitspiration took place in Krakow Museum of Engineering - which is a place full of amazing equipment, technologies and vehicles that were invented and successfully used for social and economic development of the region.


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We believe that this extraordinary surroundings helped our attendees to realize that what we do, our work - is extremely important for further growth and development of our sector.


Few historical facts:

  • The museum was established on the initiative of historical trams' lovers, in most cases - the employees of Municipal Transport Company in Krakow, who wanted to save no longer operated tram cars and equipment from destruction.
  • Museum was founded by the Municipality of the City of Krakow on October 1, 1998.
  • Museum's buildings and facilities used to be the first Krakow's tram depot.
  • Museum is full of different exhibits that represents the development of communication technology - like cars, trams, engines but also documents.



On Monday after the dinner break bitspiration attendees moved to Kazimierz cafés, where in intimate and inspiring atmosphere they had a chance to take part in preselected lectures and panels as well as network with other attendees in a special surroundings.

Beside last-year cafes - Baroque and Zbliżenia, this year we were also present at Le Scandale, located just a few steps away.


BAROQUE Cuisine & Cocktail Bar New Square is a new quality within the climate and fashionable old district of Kazimierz in Krakow. Located in the heart of the historic Kazimierz Baroque is a great place that combines the opportunity to rest and learn new culinary flavors.


Zbliżenia is a place located in the heart of Kazimierz, at Plac Nowy between tenement 7 and 8, that is why address here is 7 ½. The decor, menu and service cafeteria ensure that every guest feel special. Interior design allows you to organize meetings, both social and business.


Le Scandale is one of the most exquisite restaurants in Krakow, located in the Kazimierz at Plac Nowy 9. Art deco design fits fantastically with the history of Plac Nowy called by local people - Jewish Square.


The official part consisted of lectures, presentations and sessions, while the unofficial part consisted of informal networking meetings which naturally transformed into evening after party.

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